Yalova: Surrounded by the Marmara Sea, Yalova is a peaceful and relaxing city rich in thermal springs and abundant nature.
It is estimated that Yalova was founded in the 7th century BC by Bithynians from Thrace. Yalova is rich in historical monuments as it has been home to many civilizations through the centuries.
The province is also rich in natural resources and welcomes a great number of visitors at its thermal facilities.
Yalova, with its thermal facilities, welcomes all visitors looking for relaxation within easy reach.


Nestled in the foothills of Samanli Mountains, Yalova is visited by many tourists every year for its pristine coves, scenic beauty and natural riches.
A thermal center in the literal sense, Yalova offers the opportunity to get rid of the daily stress in the healing waters of the thermal springs. One of Turkey’s major thermal facilities, Armutlu thermal resort lies in a valley surrounded by forests.
The Yalova City Museum and Open Air Museum display valuable artifacts that shed light on the history of the region.  Furthermore, the Karaca Arboretum Live Trees Museum is one of Turkey’s most important tree gardens. The arboretum has innumerable samples of trees and plants and receives great interest from nature enthusiasts.
The Walking Mansion of Yalova, which was named so in 1930 because Atatürk had the structure moved by 4, 5 meters so as to save an ancient sycamore tree, is one of the most beautiful historic sites of early 20th century.
Nestled in the lap of nature, the Sudüşen Waterfall and Erikli Waterfalls offer the opportunity for recreational activities and count among the city’s most popular natural sites.
The Karlık and Delmece plateaus and Dipsiz Lake are further alternatives where one can take shelter in nature and engage in activities such as hiking and picnicking.
Situated by a tranquil coast surrounded with lush forests, Çinarcik is the largest and most touristic destination of Yalova province. Çinarcik, where you can try the most delicious dishes of the regional cuisine, is also one of the most entertaining locations in the region.
Yalova is the ideal location for visitors looking for pleasant memories and a relaxing holiday in the heart of nature.


Yalova is popular among tourists not only for its lush green nature but also for its festivals.
The Altin Çinar (Golden Sycamore) Culture and Art Festival is one of the major events of the city and is held in the first days of August.
The Peace Day Film Festival, Children’s Film Festival and the Turkish Tribes Culture Festival are among the major cultural activities of the city.
The International Caucasian Folk Dances of Yalova, Music Festival and International Yalova Folk Dance Festival and Altın Karanfil (Golden Carnation) Folk Dance Competition are some of the enjoyable activities introducing the traditional dances of the province.
These festivals are highly entertaining and give a picture of the culture of the region for tourists who like to engage in cultural pursuits during vacation.

How can I go there?

Situated in the Marmara Region which has well advanced transportation facilities, Yalova is a convenient destination to start your vacation.
The closest airport is located in Istanbul. Having arrived in Istanbul, you can continue to Yalova by taking one of the intercity busses leaving from the central bus terminal or one of the ferries leaving from Yenikapi harbor.
The IDO Ferries leaving from Istanbul-Yenikapı will transfer you to Yalova in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Once in Yalova, you can make use of the public buses, dolmushs and taxis to get around within the province.
Yalova has also an advanced highway system and is accessible by bus from any city in Turkey.
Wouldn’t you like to visit Yalova, inviting you to discover its green landscape surrounded with natural wonders?

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