Burdur: Located in the western part of the Mediterranean Region, Burdur is a major city where scenic beauties meet with historical archaeology
Settled for the first time in 7000 BC, Burdur has been home to many civilizations and ancient monuments well-preserved until the present day.
Located in the Göller Yöresi (Lakes District) in southern Turkey, the beautiful city offers a variety of entertaining activities. You may embark both on cultural excursions or sightsee the natural wonders of the area.
Cold and rainy in winter but hot and rather dry in summer, Burdur offers the opportunity to spend a memorable holiday.


One of the major cities of great civilizations dating back thousands of years, Burdur with its magnificent structures and ruins, invites you on a journey through history.
Many ancient artifacts and monuments have been brought to light and opened to visitation today at the ancient cites of Sagalassos, Cremna, Kibyra.  Hacilar, Höyücek and Kuruçay, surrounded with dozens of mounds and tumuli, are among the further ancient settlements worth the visit.
The Burdur Archaeology Museum exhibiting the ancient artifacts excavated in the region is another must see site that houses significant findings shedding light on human history. The museum is comprised of halls displaying statues and small artifacts and an open-air exhibition area in addition to the Stone Room Ethnography Museum.
Insuyu, one of the first caves opened to visitation in Turkey, is another tourist attraction located in Burdur.  The cave is 597 meters long and has nine lakes within. In addition to this place which showcases the creative powers of nature, Sefer Yitiği Cave is another place of interest well known for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites.
Burdur, still bearing the traces showing the influence of the Ottoman Empire on the city, is surrounded with a variety of religious sites capturing attention for their unique architecture. In addition to mosques, such as Ulu, Dengere, Divanbaba and Manastır Mosque, the Greek Church too are some of the most prominent faith centers located in the province.
The Clock Tower, Pirkulza Madrasa and Library and Susuz Caravanserai are some of the historical sites you may want to see. You will also enjoy visiting traditional Turkish baths such as Tabak, Baltaloğlu, Hoca Bali and the Old and New Hamam where you can experience the traditional lifestyle of Ottoman culture.
Moreover, Burdur is located in the lakes region where you can take time out in nature and see a variety of beautiful lakes. You can pep up your holiday by engaging in sports activities such as nature walks, scuba diving, canyoning, windsurfing or angling.
Make sure to delight your palate with some local delicacies as the cuisine of the region is well known for its variety of authentic dishes.  Dishes such as Burdur shish kebab, tandir kebab, meat pie and rice soup, in addition to sweets like pumpkin halva, walnut paste and Burdur pudding are some of the traditional delicacies you should taste.
Burdur is the ideal destination for vacationers who want to take a sojourn into nature, get steeped in history and explore new cuisines.


Although a landlocked region located in the Mediterranean Region, Burdur is nevertheless a popular holiday destination for a variety of reasons including interesting events and festivals.
Organized annually in May, the Tobacco Festival and Culture and Art Activities feature many colorful activities.
The Trap Shooting and Single Shot Competitions, Tefenni Barutlusu Festival, Fig and Carpet Festival and Altın Tütün (GoldenTobacco) Oil Wrestling Festival are some of the well-known events organized in Burdur province.
It is recommendable to start planning your holiday soon if you want to partake in these activities too.

How can I go there?

Located in Turkey’s south, Burdur can be accessed by taking a flight to any of the two closest cities as there is no airport in the province.
You can reach Burdur via a short road trip after a convenient flight to Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport or Antalya Airport The shuttle services waiting outside of the airport will take you to the bus terminal where you can continue your journey on the road.
If you want to get to Burdur by highway, you can take any of the intercity buses from any city to Burdur bus terminal and proceed from there to your hotel accommodation by making use of the public transportation vehicles.
Wouldn’t you like to visit Burdur, an intriguing holiday destination worth to explore?

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