Ayder:  Among the most popular resorts of the Eastern Black Sea, Ayder is a piece of heaven with its oxygen-laden nature comprised of all colors varying from yellow to green.

Located at the most eastern point of Turkey and at very high altitude, Ayder fills your lungs with oxygen.  The resort is particularly in demand among nature and thermal spa enthusiasts.

In Ayder, situated in the middle of a vast and emerald green landscape, one can experience four seasons
in one day,take part in a variety of sports activities all the year round, discover nature anew and forget about all the previous holiday experiences in the countryside.

A typical black sea town set amidst lush green nature Ayder with its quaint stone houses and wooden house boutique hotels and its delicious cuisine is ever ready to welcome its guests.

Adorned with various colors in spring, summer and winter, Ayder is waiting for you to explore its unique nature.


Highly in demand for its scenic beauty, sports opportunities and thermal sources, the most popular holiday resort of Turkey’s greenest region,  Ayder welcomes visitors in every season.
Only 1-hour drive away from the city center of Rize province, the road to Ayder leads through lush green forests located on high altitude. On the way to Ayder, you will come across a variety of unique and beautiful villages.
Once you arrive in Ayder you will discover an emerald green valley stretching out into infinity. The houses and boutique hotels coexist in harmony with nature and are constructed either of stone or of wood so as to comply with the traditional architecture of the area.
The last residential area on the road to the summit of the Kaçkar Mountains among the highest peaks of Anatolia, Ayder is at the same time the gateway to the most beautiful and natural highlands. The highlands of the region are of indescribable value to those who want to take a sojourn into nature and experience it in its most pristine form.
You will be impressed by the vast forests adorned with all shades of yellow, brown and green, rising up into the infinite blue sky as if they could touch the stars.  A stream passes throughout the entire highlands known by the name Firtina Creek.
Renowned for its historical stone bridges, Ayder is the last rest stop for many villagers before going up the highlands. Ancient structures such as Zil Castle are among the historical values of the area.
In addition to accommodation options such as apart hotels and similar facilities Ayder offers also a variety of sports opportunities such as trekking and rafting in summer and heliski, snowboarding and mountaineering in winter.
You will feel literally purified after drinking the fresh water from the water taps indoors or from the various waterfalls you may come across in the environment.
Ayder is not only the center of national parks but also thermal springs. It is known that the thermal spas of Ayder are effective in the treatment of various diseases and also beneficial for the skin. It is assumed that the vigor and youthful appearance of the locals of the region is related to their use of these thermal springs.
It is highly advisable to try some of the specialties of the local cuisine which makes extensive use of red meat, butter and fish as the main ingredients. It goes without saying that you should also try some tea as the Black Sea region is famous for its Turkish tea.  You may also want to purchase some of the local honey as it is believed to be beneficial to health.
You may get carried away by the original tune of tulum (traditional Turkish bagpipe instrument) and find yourself dancing horon, (traditional folk dance of the region) together with the other locals of Ayder.
In short, Ayder may be the perfect holiday location for vacationers who are looking for a holiday in the bosom of nature.


Ayder the epitome of generous nature is also the center of enjoyable festivals.  The location welcomes many visitors from many countries in addition to organizing a variety of festivals every year.
Held in June every year, the Ayder Culture, Tourism and Nature Festival becomes the scene of a variety of activities ranging from concerts to performances and bullfights to competitions.
The Ayder Snowman Festival, on the other hand, is organized in February and invites everyone who wants to take part in sports activities and enjoy the outdoors and snow.
Many more highland festivals and events are organized for visitors who want to spend enjoyable times in this unique geography.

How can I get there?

Ayder, located at Turkey’s eastern end, offers quite convenient transportation opportunities.
The nearest airport to the region is located in Trabzon. After you have arrived in Trabzon you can continue your journey by bus or private car.
Another option is to take one of the intercity buses from any major city of Turkey to Rize.  The dolmushs (minibuses) and taxis stationed at the Rize bus terminal will take you to Ayder after a short trip. Besides, you will enjoy travelling along the scenic coastal roads of the Black Sea Region.
Ayder is ever ready to welcome its guests who want to take a sojourn into nature.


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