Uludağ: one of the highest mountains in the Marmara Region open to tourism all the year round and one of Turkey’s most beautiful epitomes of magnificent nature

Uludag, rising to 2543 meters and within the city limits of Bursa, is Turkey’s biggest winter sports and nature center.

Known as Olympos Mysios, Uludag was considered the site where the gods had watched the Trojan War.

Uludag, 40 km in length, is an inviting place for tourists for its exquisite nature and spectacular views in any season.

The six different trails arranged according to various difficulty levels are an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with the beautiful nature of the area.

The importance of the region has increased over time with the establishment of monasteries from the 3rd century on, after the adoption of Christianity as the official religion in the Roman Empire.

The site was named Keşiş Dağ (Mountain of Monks) after the conquest of Bursa by Orhan Gazi and renamed Uludağ upon the proposal by Osman Şevki Bey in 1925.  

Accommodating Turkey’s first cable car system, Uludağ is suitable for a variety of enjoyable activities thanks to its magnificent geography and numerous holiday options. Furthermore, the high mountain climate provides for a refreshingly cool weather in every season.

Uludağ welcomes visitors any time of the year and pleases guests with a variety of entertaining activities.


Famous for its beauty and natural diversity, Uludag is among Turkey’s most popular holiday and winter sports resorts.
Preserving a rich flora and fauna, Uludag was declared national park in 1961 and has become a popular destination offering diverse holiday alternatives every season.
One of Turkey’s largest and most developed ski resorts and in the province of Bursa, the mountain is waiting for visitors who want to do winter sports in company of a magnificent view.
Uludağ stands out as a highly frequented holiday resort as the region offers a long winter sport season lasting from October to April and is provided with convenient transportation means.
The area has a wide range of enjoyable tracks suitable for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, bigfoot skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling as well as the most suitable conditions and tracks for Alpine and Nordic skiing, ski touring and heliskiing.
Having enjoyed the snow and the oxygen laden air you can retreat and relax at the thermal hotels that will welcome you with great hospitality.
Uludag is among the highly sought after regions due to its developing thermal tourism as the region abounds in hot springs claimed to be curative. You can benefit from the healing effect of hot water pools, thermal springs and spas and get rid of the stress of daily life.
You can enjoy this great geography both in the summer and winter by engaging in activities such as camping, trekking, and daily tours.
Uludag, Iznik Lake, Lake Ulubat and Kocaçay Delta are among the important bird areas. The area covering Uludağ, Lake Iznik, Lake Ulubat and Kocaçay Delta is considered a major bird habitat. Marked for its diversity of wild animals, the location is also suitable for hunting.
Indeed, Uludağ is the ideal location to spend some unforgettable time amidst oxygen-leaden nature.


Truly a ski paradise in winter, Uludağ reinforces this title with the organization of a number of festivals.
Visitors attending the Winterfest are not only offered skiing opportunities but also concerts they can attend. Make sure not to miss Winterfest by the time you visit Uludağ!

How can I get there?

Uludag is one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey and offers fast and convenient transportation options.
The airport of Bursa hosts connection flights from Ankara and accommodates shuttle services and transportation vehicles that will take you to Uludag in no time.
Visitors from Istanbul may also get on the ferries leaving from Kabataş anad Yenikapi and get to the Bursa terminal in short time. From there you can get on the buses leaving from the terminal to Uludag.
Tourists who prefer the highway may take any of the intercity buses leaving from any city to Bursa. Uludag is only 40 km from the city center and can be reached via highway in less than 50 minutes.
Uludag should be your first choice if you are looking for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday!

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