Kartalkaya: a crisp white ski resort located in Bolu one of the most beautiful cities in the Western Black Sea. 

One of the most frequented ski resorts of the winter season due to its proximity to big cities, Kartalkaya is also in high demand for its advanced facilities.  

Wouldn’t you like to spend your winter holiday in Kartalkaya offering a variety of ski slopes and terrific nature!


One of the major ski centers in Turkey, Kartalkaya welcomes guests with its well-advanced facilities and snow-clad nature in the winter months.
Located on the slopes of Köroğlu Mountains between 1850-2200 meters, the facilities of Kartalkaya provide for an enjoyable ski season.
The 28 ski slopes constitute 30 km in length. With its 11 mechanical facilities and variety of hotels Kartalkaya is clad in snow at least for four months every year.
The region has a temperate climate and a convenient geography suitable not only for amateur skiing and snowboarding but also for Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and kayaking tours.
Kartalkaya offers wonderful panoramic views of giant pine tree forests and a number of lush green plateaus nestled at the slopes of the mountain.
Offering a snow thickness of 3 meters in winter months, Kartalkaya is also the ideal location for hiking tours during summer months.
Indeed, Kartalkaya is a must see location for all nature and sports enthusiasts!

How can I go there?

Situated in the western Black Sea Region and within easy reach, Kartalkaya welcomes nature and skiing enthusiasts in every winter season.
Kartalkaya can be accessed from the city center of Bolu province which is in close proximity to Istanbul and Ankara and can be easily reached via highway. The public transportation facilities and taxis as well as shuttle services provided by hotels will take you to Kartalkaya in no time.
Do not forget to make your bookings in advance if you do not want to spend the winter season without taking time out in nature and skiing!

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