Winter Sports

Turkey, which attracts the attention with different scenic beauties every season, offers the most beautiful ski slopes in winter. The Skiing centers of Anatolia welcome many winter sports enthusiasts and offer slopes that are suitable for a variety of winter sports.
The heavy snowfall at the mountainous regions of central Anatolia provides for entertaining leisure time options throughout the winter.


Situated a high plateau and surrounded with many mountains, Turkey is a country that receives pretty much snowfall in the winter.
Various ski resorts from Uludağ to Palandöken, Sarikamis to Kartepe and Erciyes to Saklıkent offer ski slopes furnished with the latest equipment. Moreover, novices to skiing can hire skiing equipment and take the opportunity to conquer the slopes in no time under the supervision of experienced instructors.


Snowboard, one of the most preferred alternatives to skiing, can be done at all ski resorts of Turkey.
Holiday makers may either bring their own equipment or rent the necessary materials from the ski resorts, and enjoy snowboarding on any of the diverse slopes.

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