Assos: One of the most beautiful and pristine bays located in Çanakkale province, Assos is a blend of both history and nature

Among the quietest locations of the Aegean region, Assos leaves an unforgettable impression on the visitors for its calm blue sea and magnificent beaches.

Surrounded by
olive and fruit trees and famous for its wine this beautiful town was also the commercial and cultural center of large settlements during the Roman and Hellenistic periods.

Founded in the ancient times and located in the Gulf of Edremit, 200 meters above sea level, Assos is ever ready to welcome its guests. 


The ideal holiday destination with its ancient cities, natural harbor, green villages and delightful dishes Assos is located in Çanakkale province.
Located on the southern side of the Biga Peninsula bordering the Aegean Region, the ancient city of Assos was founded in 6000 BC at an altitude of 236 meters. The Temple of Athena, necropolis, agora and walls are among the major landmarks of the ancient city which was constructed of the andesite stones of the region.
The harbor is the liveliest area of the town. Here visitors can try the delicious dishes of the Aegean cuisine, take a swim or simply stroll along the fishermen’s boats docked along the harbor. One can dine at the restaurants and cafes at the harbor, taste the famous local ice cream and enjoy the enchanting scenery in the meantime.
Founded during the Ottoman era and one of the most valuable assets of Assos, Behramkale is among the protected areas. Famous for its narrow streets, historical stone houses and lush green nature Behramkale has to offer a variety of hostels, restaurants and local shopping centers waiting for their visitors.
Adatepe is another town nestled in the foothills of Mount Ida. The Zeus Altar located at the entrance of Adatepe which has a magnificent view of the entire bay, will immediately attract your attention. Situated amidst forests, this location appears in Greek mythology as the hill where Zeus and Hera had observed the Trojan War. Taşmektep and Adatepe Olive Oil Museum are among the further historical sites one should sightsee.
Another area surrounded by pine and olive trees is Yeşilyurt. Located by the sea in front of lush forests, Yeşilyurt with its stone houses and boutique hotels is worth the visit.
Assos has a number of blue flag beaches where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. Kadirga Bay, Koruoba, Sokakagzi and Assos harbor are some of the favorite spots where you can enjoy the deep blue sea.
Having made a name for its olives and fisheries, the cuisine of Assos comprises the finest dishes of the Aegean region.  Visitors should not miss the opportunity to taste the freshest seafood in the region and the local ice cream.
Vacationers who want to spend their next holiday at a heavenly bay will be in good hands in Assos.

How can I get there?

Located at the midpoint of major cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, Assos offers a variety of transportation alternatives.
The nearest airports to the region are located in Istanbul and Izmir. Having arrived in Istanbul or Izmir you can get on one of the intercity buses leaving from the central bus station to Çanakkale. The shuttles or dolmuş (minibuses) leaving from Çanakkale central bus station will take you to Assos and other destinations within Çanakkale province.
Alternatively, you can get to Assos by car.  You can cross the Canakkale strait by getting on a car ferry leaving from Istanbul, and continue your pleasant journey on the convenient roads to Assos.
It is safe to say that you will enjoy your vacation at Assos, the shining star of the gulf.

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