Sapanca: A corner of paradise resounding with the peaceful sounds of nature and one of Istanbul’s popular getaways, Sapanca reveals different scenic views in any season.

Within the Sakarya province in the Marmara Region, Sapanca is built around a terrific lake and surrounded by lush forests.

A natural heritage with a history dating back to 1200 BC, Sapanca is an unforgettable resort with sunny summers and snow-white winters. 

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Founded in the southern area of Sapanca Lake and surrounded by green trees as many as the eye can see, Sapanca encompasses numerous sites of interest.
Sapanca Lake, where one can enjoy the warm summer days, flowery springs and snow clad winter days, is one of the most popular sites of the region. Visitors can stop by some cafes and restaurants positioned around the lake and enjoy the view or take a round tour via bike.
One of the most visited places in the region is Kırkpınar. The site of numerous plant species and pristine nature, Kırpınar has numerous locations worth the visit.
Another must-see place is Maşukiye. You can take strolls and enjoy the scenic view of this charming village popular for its restaurants serving delicious trout fish meals.
Nature enthusiasts may prefer to explore the region by touring the lush green highlands of Sapanca. The Cigdem, Soğucak, Inonu, Dikmen and Sultanpinar plateaus are ideal locations to explore the natural diversity of the area.
Istanbuldere and Aygir Creek connecting to Sapanca Lake are among the other natural wonders revealing beautifully unique sights. Do not miss the opportunity to visit these natural wonders while visiting the Sapanca Lake region.
History enthusiasts visiting Sapanca can also sightsee the historical monuments belonging to the Ottoman period. The Rahim Sultan Mosque, Rustempasa Mosque, Vecihi Gate and the sarcophagi and tombstones of the Byzantine period are among major historical sites worth the visit.
Sapanca offers a variety of thermal springs and comfortable hotels for the convenience of tourist who want to spend a peaceful and rejuvenating holiday.
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Revealing different scenic views in summer and winter, Sapanca is also the venue of a series of festivals including a variety of enjoyable activities.
The Sapanca – Kirkpinar Summer Festival, held in the months of June and July, is a festival that brings together many notable artists. The festival program is packed with activities such as concerts, dance and theater performances and film screenings attracting many visitors.
The Sapanca Handicrafts Festival is held in July every year and introduces numerous samples of local handicrafts. Offering also local delicacies, the festival is not to be missed.
Sabanca is ever ready to welcome you to introduce its natural wonders and cultural values!

How can I get there?

Among the conserved regions of Turkey attracting attention for their pristine nature, Sapanca is easy to access via a variety of transportation facilities.
Within the city limits of Sakarya, Sapanca can be reached via bus or private car. The closest airport is located in Istanbul which may be preferred by tourists who will be traveling by air. There are regular bus transfers leaving every hour from the Istanbul bus terminal to Sapanca.
Tourists in Sakarya can get on the shuttles and minibuses leaving to Sapanca and get to the area in a short time.

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