Göcek:  A hidden corner of paradise dating back to the Lycian era.

A district of Muğla province, one of the most beautiful cities of the Aegean Region, Göcek, comprised of many islands and bays has been treasured and protected until nowadays.

Having become one of
the world’s major yachting centers thanks to the construction of new ports, Göcek fascinates visitors with its scenic beauty and clear blue sea.  

Located in the region
between Fethiye and Dalyan, Göcek is the major center of boat tours and blue cruises.  Reined by a Mediterranean climate, the holiday season of the region starts in May and ends by the end of October.

The site where the most beautiful colors of the sun
, sea, forests and beaches harmonize Göcek is waiting for visitors who want to explore the natural wonders of the region. 


Comprised of many small islands and one of the most generous regions of nature, Göcek is the ideal holiday resort for vacationers looking for a relaxing and peaceful holiday.
By taking part in the boat tour to the most scenic bays of the region, namely the 12 Island Tour, visitors can enjoy the azure sea and explore the natural landscape of the area to the fullest extent.
Likewise, the blue cruises of the area introduce their guests the most astonishing natural wonders of Göcek.  Vacationers who want private tours may hire boats and gullet yachts for their own use or reserve boats tours for a group of family or friends.
It is also possible to rent a motorcycle or a bike and to take trips into the lush green forests of the area get to know the interior region of Göcek.
The six separate marinas of the region contributing to the beautiful landscape have turned the region into a mecca for yachtsmen.  One of the worldwide renowned yachting centers, Göcek welcomes a great number of guests every year.
In vicinity of Fethiye, adrenaline lovers may take a short trip to the region and paraglide from the Babadağ Mountain.
The traditional markets set up on Göcek public square and the local shops render colorful views and provide for your daily needs in addition to offering a rich variety of handmade souvenirs.
One of the most preferred spots of visitors who want to relax and spend a tranquil holiday, Göcek offers a simple lifestyle without the buzzing noise of nightlife. Friendly small cafes and restaurants and modest night venues form the core of the sense entertainment in Göcek.
One of the most natural and unspoiled regions of Turkey, Göcek is waiting for you to visit.


The site where shades of blue meet with shades of green resulting in a carnival of colors, Göcek draws the attention also for its festivals.
The Autumn Göcek Race Week becomes the scene of many boat and yacht races. Attended by contestants from around the world, the program of the festival includes a wide range of activities.
Attended by children from many countries around the world, the Göcek Children’s Festival, organized in April every year, becomes the stage of a variety of entertaining activities and events.
Göcek, where discovery has no limits is now waiting for you to visit and explore.

How can I get there?

Göcek, among the most unspoiled regions of Turkey, is quite developed in terms of transportation.
Mugla Dalaman Airport is the nearest airport in the region. Travelers can reach the airport via direct flight from Istanbul and get to Göcek after a short trip from the airport to the region.
Göcek is also reachableby road. There are shuttle busses between any major city in Turkey and Muğla. The mini buses and similar transportation devices will take you from Muğla to Göcek within a very short time.
Moreover, Göcek is preferred for its proximity to Dalaman and Fethiye. These holiday resorts are reachable in less than an hour and certainly worth the visit.

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