A district of Muğla province blessed with Turkey’s most beautiful seaside resorts,Dalaman welcomes its guest with numerous vacation opportunities and a sunny weather throughout the year.

In close proximity to Muğla Dalaman Airport, Dalaman is popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts thanks to its magnificent views of the Kapıdağ peninsula and its rafting tracks

Renowned for its ancient sites, natural wonders, Dalaman Stream and hospitable residents Dalaman is ever ready to welcome its guests.


The site of one of the airports of the Aegean Region, Dalaman is quite popular among visitors for its magnificent nature and splendid historical sites.
One of the region’s most scenic bays, the wharf of Sarsıla cove is especially frequented by yachts and blue tour boats. The sea journey to Sarsıla is not only enjoyable but also rewarding as the location offers breathtaking natural scenery.
Within the district of Dalaman, Kapıdağ peninsula is the center of magnificent bays. In addition to Sarsıla, there are numerous other bays with magnificent views that can be visited by taking a boat tour.
Frequented particularly by adventure lovers the Dalaman River provides for adrenaline-filled entertainment with its exciting rafting routes.
The ancient settlements of the area are fairly well preserved and still worth the visit. You can get steeped in history and examine the artifacts, coins, rock tombs and monuments of the ancient cities of Calynda, Hippokome, Krya, Lissai and Lydai.
Dalaman is also well known for its thermal tourism. The sulphurous waters of Incebel and Kapıkargın have a rejuvenating effect and contribute to the treatment of many ailments.Comprised of the tasty dishes of the Aegean cuisine and the local delicacies made of region-specific herbs, Dalaman offers a delicious and healthy diet to its visitors.
You will certainly enjoy visiting Dalaman, the epitome of abundant nature, history and health.


A typical Aegean seaside resort the popularity of Dalaman increases day by day with festivals organized.
The Dalaman Culture Tourism and Sığla Festival, attended by a high number of visitors, becomes the scene of a fair that lasts a couple of days. Organized annually in May, this festival is surely not to be missed.
Offering jeep safari and rafting opportunities in addition to festivities Dalaman is waiting for your visit.

How can I get there?

Dalaman is an important location in the Aegean region which caters for the air transportation of the area including Muğla and nearby cities.
There are reciprocal flights between Muğla Dalaman Airport and many other airport cities. The shuttle services, public buses and taxis stationed outside of the terminal gates will take you to any desired destination within Muğla province.
Tourists who like to travel by road can take one of the intercity buses leaving from any major city to Muğla and continue from there to Dalaman.
Easy to access, Dalaman is among the most convenient holiday resorts of the Aegean region.


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