Milas: a town with a history dating back to 1000 BC and the second largest district of Muğla the most beautiful city of the Aegean Region, Milas is a scenic town by the turquoise sea surrounded by lush green nature.

Numerous civilizations have lived in this 3000-year-old city surrounded by mountains and founded on the Milas plain at the foothills of Mount Sodra. 

The capital of Caria and the Menteşoğulları principality, the ancient city known by the name Mylasos or Mylasa in the ancient times, took its name from Mylasos a descendant of Ailasos, God of the winds.

Having been home to 27 ancient cities and the Byzantine, Seljukian and Ottoman empires, Milas hosts a variety of monuments bearing the traces of the ancient times. 

Milas adjoining the shores of Gökova and Mandalya which are the major gulfs of the Aegean Region is one of the regions with the deepest seas, clearest shores and most abundant landscape. Furthermore, the region has a Mediterranean climate. The summer is hot and dry whereas the winter is mild and rainy. 

Milas, the land of the ever shining sun, is ready to welcome you any season of the year if you want to witness the harmony of nature and history.


Influenced by many cultures and natural formations since the ancient times, Milas has accumulated a rich natural and cultural heritage.
The Temple of Zeus Karios, established on Hisarbaşı Hill is one of the most important structures of the ancient times. Bearing the inscription, “Corinth,”only one column of the temple has survived from the past. Belonging to the Carian civilization, this temple was made on behalf of their national gods. A pilgrimage center for the Carians, the city was covered with marble and referred to as “the city of temples.”
From the walls surrounding the city only the gate arch, named Baltali Gate has survived. Made in the 1st century BC, the gate is adorned with a double-sided axe motif. The Gumuskesen Monument is another ancient site located in the area.  This monumental tomb was made in the 2nd century AD and is located in the foothills of Mount Sodra.
The ancient city of Labranda is among the antique cities of Milas which have monuments that have survived to the present day. One of Turkey’s best preserved cities located amidst lush green nature and surrounded with ancient structures and monuments, Labranda is a historical paradise of unique beauty.
The Firuz Ağa Mosque is among the most important structures of the Menteşeoğulları period while the Çüllüoğlu Han, Grand Mosque, Belen Mosque, Ağa Mosque and Kurşunlu Mosque belong to the notable monuments of the Ottoman era.
The Milas houses built ​​in the 19th and 20th centuries are situated in the center of Milas district. The two-story cottages epitomize the harmony of history and architecture.
The beaches composed of white washed sands and the vast blue sea offering the opportunity to take a refreshing swim are among the most outstanding features of Milas. Captain Costau, upon seeing the harbors of the town with shores to the gulfs of Gökova and Manyas said, “Searchers of heaven on earth will find it in Gökova.”
Located on the shores of the Gulf of Gokova, Ören with its eye-catching beachfront and paragliding opportunities is one of the major regions attracting the attention of all visitors. Ören is the ideal location to go if you want to enjoy an unforgettable view of the gulf in front of you.
Lake Bafa, which was a sea thousand years ago, is a natural wonder that has eventually turned into a lake as the sea passage has been blocked by alluvium deposits. Hosting many fish species, the lake is in close vicinity to the ancient city of Heraclia where tourists can sightsee a wide range of historical monuments.
Uyku Vadisi (Sleep Valley) and Gökçeler Cave are ideal locations for adventure seekers who want to freshen up in the cool water in the summer heat.
Milas where one can experience the different aspects of nature is also the mecca of sport enthusiasts who want to get some adrenaline rush.
One of the most valuable areas of the Aegean Region, Milas, noted for its historical and natural riches, is eager to greet you.


The cradle of many cultures, Milas reflects this quality also in the festivals organized.
The International Milas Festival encompasses numerous shows, concerts, panels and events and welcomes participants from all over the world.
The annual International Turhan Selçuk Cartoon Competition is open to all cartoonists and the results are announced by the end of August. The contest is organized by the Municipality of Milas and the winners of the competition are given a variety of awards.
These festivals are not to be missed if you want to enliven your holiday with a variety of activities and events.

How can I get there?

Located in Muğla one of Turkey’s major cities with the most developed transportation network, Milas is in close proximity to airports and terminals.
Milas is only in 10 km away from Bodrum Airport which hosts domestic and international flights from all major airports. The shuttle services and taxis waiting outside of the exit gates will be at your service.
Alternatively you may get to the region by taking one of the intercity buses from any city in Turkey to Milas or Bodrum. Furthermore, there are minibuses operating between Milas and Bodrum.
Milas is waiting for you if you are looking for an entertaining and fulfilling holiday!

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