Hierapolis – Pamukkale

Date of Inscription to the World Heritage List: 9.12.1988 List Reference: 485 Criteria: Natural/ Cultural   SACRED LAND CLAD IN WHITE According to the legend that spread the mystery of Hierapolis to the wide world, an ugly shepherd girl, fed Click More »

Göreme National Park and the Rock Site of Cappadocia

Cappadocia Baloon   Date of Inscription to the World Heritage List: 6.12.1985 List Reference: 357 Criteria:Natural/ Cultural   DESIGNED BY NATURE: CAPPADOCIA Cappadocia, which was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985 on natural and cultural criteria, Is Click More »

Selimiye Mosque and it’s Social Complex

EDIRNE Selimiye Mosque and its Social Complex Date of Inscription to the World Heritage List: 27.06.2011 List Reference: 1366 Criteria : Cultural A Master work of Classical Ottoman Architecture Edirne was the capital of the Ottoman Empire prior to the Click More »

Nemrut Mountain

Date of Inscription to the World Heritage List: 6.12.1987 List Reference: 448 Criteria: Cultural   THE SUN RISES AND SETS WITH A UNIQUE MAJESTY AT NEMRUT MOUNTAIN! The Nemrut mountain side with the tumulus containing the tomb of King Antiochus Click More »

Historic Areas of Istanbul

Date of Inscription to the World Heritage List: 6.12.1985 List Reference: 356 Criteria: Cultural   Love of Continents: ISTANBUL The historical areas of Istanbul, which has been the capital of three great empires, were inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage Click More »

Hattusa The Capital City of Hittites

Date of Inscription to the World Heritage List: 28.11.1986 List Reference: 377 Criteria: Cultural   OPEN-AIR MUSEUM Hattusha, which was the capital of the Hittite Empire during antiquity, has been in the List of World Heritage since 1986 on cultural Click More »

Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği

Date of Inscription to the World Heritage List: 6.12.1985   List Reference: 358 Criteria: Cultural     THE MOSQUE WHERE STONES WERE DRESSED WITH LOVE   The first Turkish building inscribed to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the Great Mosque and Click More »

City of Safranbolu

Date of Inscription to the World Heritage List: 17.12.1994 List Reference: 614 Criteria: Cultural   ORIGINAL EXAMPLE OF THE TRADITIONAL Safranbolu, an Anatolian city that brings history to life through its mosques, market, neighbourhoods, streets and original houses, was inscribed Click More »

Turkey in World Heritage

Unesco World of Heritage List   Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.   Click More »


Hatay: Located at Turkey’s southern tip, Hatay is a center of civilization abounding in historical and cultural legacies in every corner. The city is positioned at the geographical location connecting Anatolia the Middle East and has an incomparable historical heritage Click More »


Sakarya: is one of Turkey’s fastest developing cities surrounded by a lush green landscape abounding in natural wonders. With a history dating back to the 8th century, the city has been one of the main settlements of major empires.  Naturally, Click More »


Van: Turkey’s sixth largest city and cultural legacy rich in history, monuments, natural beauty and unique flavors One of the border cities of Turkey, Van welcomes visitors from all over the world particularly for its culture and winter tourism. The Click More »


Rize is blessed with the most beautiful nature that has been preserved over the centuries. The fresh air of Rize has a regenerative effect on you with every breath you take. Located in the greenest area of Turkey, the Eastern Click More »

Turkey Outlets and cheap shopping addresses

Turkey Outlets and cheap shopping addresses in Turkey Shopping is an indispensable part of our daily life. Outlet shops have become the addresses for cheaper shopping. Many brands manufacture cheaper products especially for their outlets. List of some outlet center Click More »


Balıkesir: Blessed with numerous islands where lush green forests stretch along the shores of the infinite sea, Balıkesir province is also the habitat of abundant olive groves. Founded by the Mysians in ancient times, Balıkesir has been one of the Click More »


Amasya:  The city where the Sultans’ sons were educated and the legendary city where Ferhad had to mine the mountains to reunite with his beloved Shirin, Amasya has been one of the major cities of many civilizations since the ancient Click More »


Mersin Mersin: One of the warmest and most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean region that can be visited for its authentic flavors and beautiful beaches any time of the year. Mersin is one of the most developed cities of the Click More »


Burdur Burdur: Located in the western part of the Mediterranean Region, Burdur is a major city where scenic beauties meet with historical archaeology Settled for the first time in 7000 BC, Burdur has been home to many civilizations and ancient Click More »


Yalova: Surrounded by the Marmara Sea, Yalova is a peaceful and relaxing city rich in thermal springs and abundant nature. It is estimated that Yalova was founded in the 7th century BC by Bithynians from Thrace. Yalova is rich in Click More »


Karabük Karabük is situated on an important trade route between Amasra on the coast and central Anatolia. Karabük is a town and the capital district of Karabük Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Karabük was built in the 1930s as the seat of the iron and steel Click More »





Kalkan: A seaside town located in Antalya province the most beautiful area of Mediterranean region, Kalkan astounds everyone with its scenic beauty and cultural legacy.

Although the area is situated at the crossroads of the ancient major cities of the Lydian civilization, Kalkan was founded by traders from Meis Island only 200 years from now. The town which served as
a major port once is now one of the most attractive holiday centers.

In the vicinity of Kaş and Fethiye, Kalkan has one of the most precious Blue Flag beaches of the Mediterranean region. Surrounded by many natural wonders, the seaside resort is the perfect destination to spend some peaceful and enjoyable time.

Kalkan, where you can try the most natural and delicious flavors of the region, welcomes you also with convenient transportation options!




One of the most precious resorts of Antalya province, Kalkan, with its charming boutique hotels, unique restaurants, beaches and marinas is literally a refuge where you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Originally a Greek fishing village, called Kalamaki until the year 1920, Kalkan has begun to grow and flourish afterwards. The houses and streets of the ancient times are still observable today. Kalkan, with the mountains behind and the sea in front of it is a town nestled in the lap of nature.
The area is also well known for its villa tourism. There are large villas scattered everywhere owned by the locals or foreigners.
Surrounded by lovely white houses and charming restaurants, Kalkan offers the most delicious dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine made of local vegetables, herbs, fish and various seasonings.
The town center, comprised of the historical harbor surrounded by narrow streets is preserved in its natural state.
You can take part in a boat tour and visit matchless coves and landscapes and dive into the deep blue sea to explore the underwater of the region.
The habitat of a dense population of pigeons, the Güvercin Deniz (Pigeon Sea) Cave is accessible only by boat and attracts visitors for its colorful scenic views.
Make sure to visit the renowned Kaputaş beach where you can observe the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. With its white washed sands meeting the clear blue sea, Kaputaş is the ideal location to enjoy the sun and the sea.
You may want to take a look at the olives, soaps and handiworks produced by the locals, and purchase some of them for loved ones or yourself. Furthermore, there are a variety of local shops where you can do some shopping.
Better start preparing now if you want to see one of the most beautiful seaside towns of Turkey’s south.




Kalkan has a well preserved landscape and sea and is representative of the beautiful nature and habitat of the Mediterranean Region.  Yet, it enchants visitors also with its festivals.
The Kalkan Festival of the Sea is organized on July 1 every year and becomes the scene of numerous ceremonies and activities.
The venue of a series of local activities, Kalkan invites you to participate as well.

How can I get there?

Kalkan is in the vicinity of Antalya with various transportation facilities offering frequent public transport.
The Antalya Airport hosts domestic and international flights from many major cities in Turkey and Europe. Once you have arrived there, you can get to your destination in a short time by taking one of the public transportation vehicles or shuttles leaving from the airport to Kalkan.
Antalya province is also reachable by bus leaving from any major city in Turkey.  There are shuttle services and public transport vehicles leaving from the Antalya bus terminal to Kalkan.
Are you ready to meet Kalkan, one of the favorite seaside resorts of the region?