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kas harbour 300x224 Kas / Antalya


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Kas kaputas beach 1 300x199 Kas / Antalya


Kas kaputas beach Kas / Antalya


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kas beach 1 300x225 Kas / Antalya


kas beach 300x225 Kas / Antalya



History of Kas Township which is in a position independent from Antalya dates back to B.C. 3000 years. As it was also understood from excavations the city had been established over an ancient city in B.C. 4th Century. In antique periods the city which had a significant seaport because of trade of wood has been just like a paradise of sea today with its marina, housing facilities for holiday makers. Kas which has been surrounded with a green field at the seaside is a vivid holiday resort with its bright sunny weather. With its cheerful appearance and rich natural beauties Kas is one of the most preferable holiday resorts at our south coasts by tourists. In addition to all of these beauties, antique Tombs belonging to 1st and 2nd Centuries cut in rocks specific to Lycian region have been visited and seen by tourists arriving at the district. Furthermore, Saint Nicholas Church at the antique Helos Castle, small amphitheater are places worth to be visited and seen. This small theatre has a Marvelous panoramic scenery in respect to its position.

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