Fethiye: a seaside location which gives new meaning to the color turquoise possessing the most beautiful beaches and islands of the Aegean region and a holiday paradise with stunning nature and impressive historical sites

It is assumed that Fethiye, often reffered to as “the untouched virgin of the Land of Lights,” was established in the 5th century B.C. The city which was formerly known as Telmessos used to be one of the most important residential areas of Lycia.

Furthermore, Fethiye was also a center of prophecy and one of the most cultivated cities of the Roman and Byzantine periods.

The city which took the name Meğri after its subordination to the Ottomans in 1424 was renamed as Fethiye in memory of martyr pilot Fethi Bey in 1934.

Fethiye, is a district of Muğla Province with a typical Mediterranean climate. The weather is hot and dry in the summer and mild and rainy in the winter. Moreover, the town offers many vacation and past time options including magnificent holiday resorts, a variety of cultural heritages, as well as a series of sport facilities such as paragliding and scuba diving.

The ancient city is almost like an open-air museum with a wide range of historical monuments and archaeological sites and fascinates visitors with its natural beauties.

Do not miss the chance to explore this corner of paradise on earth!


Fethiye has one of the most beautiful coastlines of Turkey and is worldwide famous for its stunning view of the sea reflecting all shades of blue stretching along the sandy beach.
Ölüdeniz, is a beautiful location with en ever so calm sea meeting the white sandy beach. Furthermore, the pine trees populating the whole area of Ölüdeniz will make you think of heaven on earth inhaling the fresh scent spreading in town.
Another attraction of Fethiye is the Butterfly Valley situated in the foothills of Babadag Mountain. The site is a preserved area with a great variety of wildlife.  It is one of the must-see places for vacationers who want to take a trip into pristine nature. Apart from that, the valley is also a popular venue for workshops.
You may want to visit the 12 Islands nearby to Ölüdeniz by joining daily boat tours and take the opportunity to see many important locations such as the ancient city of Lydas, Kızılada, Delikli Ada and Yassıcalar.
Ölüdeniz which is near to Babadağ Mountain is also a mecca for adrenaline addicts who like to dive and paraglide.
Babadag Mountain, rising 1975 meters above sea level, offers four different runways to paragliders who want to enjoy their flight to the fullest extend.  Once you have taken off you will become part of the sky enjoying the amazing scenery of Ölüdeniz and the surrounding area beneath you.
Af Kule, Üç Tuneller (Three Tunnels), Akvaryum Koyu (Aquarium Bay) are some of the many underwater diving spots appealing to divers of all levels.
Apart from this, Saklikent is a must-see place for all nature lovers who want to get away from the sun, take a trip into pristine nature and cool off in the cold waters of Saklıkent gorge.
Göcek with its glamorous marina offers nice scenery of yachts and blue-cruise boats lined up along the dock. The restaurants and shopping centers of the marina will provide for all your needs.
Çalış is the habitat of the cutest creature on earth the Caretta Caretta turtle. It has a 4 km long sandy beach where you can enjoy the sea and revel in beautiful sunsets.
Kayaköy, where you can oserve the irradicable traces of history, has been developed by Greeks who inhabited the area from the the 13th century to 1922. Visitors of this area can sightsee numerous houses, chapels and other structures built in Greek style.
During your stay in Fethiye you will have the opportunity to explore many ancient cities and ruins. Historical sites such as the Telmessos Theatre, Amynthas Rock Tombs, Kadyanda, Pinara, Tilos and Letoon together with Ship Island and Girmeler Cave are important sites displaying many relics from the past.
Just between us; Fethiye is the most suitable place to enjoy the most beautiful blue sea, the ever shining sun and the most stunning natural sceneries of the world.


Fethiye is also the venue of many festvals and events organized throughout the year.
International Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival is performed in October every year and the site of many colorful events. The festival attended by hundreds of professional contestants, entertains the audience with great shows and demonstrations.
Another sports event, the Lycian Way Ultra Marathon, which starts in Ölüdeniz and covers a distance of 509 km, turns into an adrenaline-fueled adventure for hundreds of athletes in September every year.
On the other hand, the numerous panels and exhibitions organized at the annual Fethiye Culture and Art Festival, turn the town literally into a cultural center.
Numerous local events are waiting for you in Fethiye. Do not miss the chance to explore this wonderful destination.

How can I get there?

Fethiye is a district of Muğla which has an advanced transportation network. It is possible to get to Fethiye either by plane or by bus. There are direct flights between Istanbul and Mugla Dalaman Airport which is 55 km away from Fethiye. The shuttles and similar transportation facilities leaving from the airport will take you to your destination.
Fethiye is situated on one of the major highway conjunctions and easy to reach by bus from every province. Some bus companies offer direct trips to Fethiye while others offer fares directly to Muğla where passengers to Fethiye can get on shuttles or minibuses that leave from the city bus terminal.

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