Sakarya: is one of Turkey’s fastest developing cities surrounded by a lush green landscape abounding in natural wonders.

With a history dating back to the 8th century, the city has been one of the main settlements of major empires.  Naturally, the region abounds in historical sites belonging to ancient times.

Also called Adapazari as it is intertwined with Adapazri district, Sakarya abounds in rivers, springs and waterfalls. The area has a transition climate between Black Sea and Mediterranean climate and has diverse weather conditions.

A charming little getaway located in the vicinity of Istanbul, Sakarya is waiting to welcome you.


There are many places to discover in Sakarya, which harbors all the riches of nature and shares them with visitors all the year round.

The Sakarya Museum and Ali Fuat Pasha Kuvai- Milliye Museum are among the exhibition venues where you can trace the history of the city and explore the cultural artifacts of the region.

The Justinian’s Bridge built over the Sakarya River running through the city and the Ali Fuat Pasha Bridge as well as the sarcophagi in Beşevler Village, Pasalar Castle, Seyfler Castle and Harmantepe Castle are among the well-known historic structures of the area.

While the Orhan, Yunuspasha, Sheikh Muslihiddin, Rüstem Pasha, Rahim Sultan and Hasan Fehmi Pasha mosques are among the popular religious sites you can visit; the historic Tarakli houses may attract your attention for exemplifying traditional Ottoman architecture.

The town of Sapanca, famous for its thermal springs, is another place very inviting to tourists. Sapanca is particularly preferred for its comfortable hotels and well developed thermal facilities nestled in the heart of nature.

An amazing location for outdoor sports enthusiasts, Sakarya offers a wide range of outdoor activities for visitors eager to spend some adrenaline-filled times. The region is gifted with numerous beautiful plateaus and innumerable rivers with ice-cold waters waiting to be explored.

There are a number of motocross and trekking trails waiting for visitors who get tired of doing water sports in the Sakarya, Sapanca and Poyrazlar lakes. Also the Gevye rock climbing area with a variety of climbing routes welcomes both rock climbers and nature enthusiasts.

Another important feature of Sakarya province is its cuisine which has emerged out of the mixture of various cultures that have coexisted for centuries.  Islama köfte (meatballs with sauce), un çorbası (flour soup), maize rice, meshed beans in addition to cotton candy and ovened sweet pumpkin are some of the local delicacies that will delight your taste buds.

Sakarya is an amazing city which welcomes visitors who want to explore the peculiarities of the region any time of the year.


Dozens of festivals and events are organized all the year round to enliven your holiday with pleasant memories and cultural entertainment.

The Sakarya International Folk Dance Festival, Kirkpinar Summer Festival, Akbalık Oil Wrestling Tournament and Cigdem Plateau Festival are some of the festivities waiting for you.

Furthermore, there are a series of activities and concerts taking place at the entertainment venues and cultural centers in the city.

The city offers a variety of event alternatives to pep up your holiday if you are planning to visit this charming city!

How can I go there?

Sakarya lies in the vicinity of Istanbul offering airport service and is also accessible via bus and train.

After arriving in Istanbul via plane, visitors can continue their journey by getting on one of the intercity buses leaving from Istanbul bus terminal to Sakarya. The public transport vehicles and taxis waiting at the bus terminal will be ready to serve you.

We are sure you will have a good time during your stay in Sakarya!


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