Hattusas and Yazilikaya

There is Yazılıkaya at 1 km east of Bogazkale which is 30 km far from Yozgat. When you go up to 2 km. east of Bogazkale there appears before you the famous Hatuşas. Remains. Name of Hatuşaş is know to come from “Hattis” lived in Anatolia long before Hittites. Likewise, it is thought that Hittites had established the city of “Kusarsa” about 4000 years before Alacahoyuk. Alacahoyuk, Hatu$aş and Yazihkaya are cities of Hittite close to one another. The God Sharuma, the King IV Tudhalia and pictures of twelve gods are seen on “Yazihkaya” dated XIII Century B.C. The first excavation at Hatuşaş was performed in 1906 by Hugo Winhler and Theodor Rakidish. The 2nd excavations however which have been commenced at Hatuşaş, Alacahoyuk and Yazihkaya since 1930 upon the order of Ataturk by Prof. Dr. Remzi Ank have been continued until now. Among marvelous works which were found at such periodic excavations is the tablet of the Famous “Kadesh” Piece Agreement. Two large lion statue on top oi the platform at Hatuşaş hill which points at the entrance of castle of city had been placed at the same time as the symbolic protectors of the city. There are some rooms inside the Castle. Magnificent works of art found from the excavations have been exhibited today in Ankara Ancient Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

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