Nemrut Mountain

Nemrut Mountain is an extension of Toros Mountains has an elevation of 2150 m. It is climbed by starting the Kahta town whic is a small district belong to Adiyaman provision. Setting and raising of sun watched from the mountain get the tourists unforgettable moments. On top of the mountain, there is a 50m height tumulus which have been constructed in the period of Kommogene King 1. Antiokhos in 1. century A. C. there is the tomb of the king within tumulus which is an artificial hilla on platforms installed at west and east sides of tumulus, there are enormous sculptures of kings and Gods, there can be seen the scolptues, of the Gods such as Apollon Mitro, Hermes, Tike, Herakles, Artegnes and of the King 1. antiokhos, at east terrace, on the other hand, at the West terrace, there are huge sculptures whose heads, have been seperated from their bodies. On both terraces, there are lion and eagle, sculptures who symbolize the major protectors of paganizm religion. The traces of this region which had belong to Kommagenes in the past have been dated to VIII. century B. C. the region had been controlled by Asurs at earlier times. Afterwords, Mitridates had invated the region in 72 B. C., then it had been taken under control by Romans, so the authority of Kommagene Kingdom had been finished.

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