Damlataş Cave

Damlataş Cave, shaped by the amazing architecture of nature, is situated in one of the most beautiful cities in Southern Turkey.

Found in Alanya, one of the most interesting towns of Antalya, Damlataş Cave is a highly pleasant destination with its mystical structure and the beautiful beach lying before its entrance.

Damlataş, where you can experience the joys of discovery and the cool water of the blue sea, awaits you.


Damlataş Cave is found in the province of Alanya in the Mediterranean Region, famous for its golden beaches shining under the sun, and its radiant sea.
The 30 meters long cave which was unearthed in 1948 has a 50 meters passageway in its entrance.
Believed to have been formed as early as 20 B.C.E., Damlataş has a height of 15 meters.  Adorned with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, the cave offers you the chance to discover stunning beauty.
With its high percentage of humidity, low temperature, radioactive atmosphere and carbon dioxide, the cave is known for the advantages it offers people suffering from asthma, and is visited by thousands every year.
With its unchanging weather and natural beauty, Damlataş is also famous for the beach lying before its entrance. After visiting the cave, you can enjoy the sea and shop in the nearby market place.
Do not miss the opportunity of discovering Damlataş Cave, one of Mediterranean’s most unique and impressive spots

How can I go there?

Antalya has one of the most advanced transportation means and it is just a flight away.
Antalya Airport is a major airport with domestic and international flights. Once you land at the airport you can take a public bus and reach Damlataş.
Alanya is within reach from anywhere in Turkey via highway, the public transportation and cabs will grant you a most pleasant journey.
One of the most interesting destinations to visit in all seasons, Damlataş is ready to offer you an amazing experience.

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