Alanya; one of nature’s most generous regions located by in front of the Toros mountains by the Mediterranean Sea and the hub of many civilizations throughout the centuries

Located on a peninsula reaching into the in the Mediterranean Sea, the holiday resort is a typical southern town with stunning nature and ancient history.

According to research conducted in the Kadiini cave, the history of Alanya which was situated between Pamphylia and Cilicia in ancient times reaches back to 20000 BC.

The town was one of the major centers of the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires and had served as an important fortress. The Red Tower and Alanya castle, recognized as symbols of the town were built in the Seljukian period to protect the growing importance of the region.

Apart from its numerous large hotels and resorts, the sunny town makes also a strong impression with its boutique hotels. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate of the region one can taste many natural products and tropical fruits such as avocados and bananas.

The focal point of so many civilizations for ages, Alanya is a popular tourist attraction offering natural and historical beauties.


In addition to harboring the monuments of numerous civilizations Alanya fascinates its visitors with its natural beauties and is also known as the “town where the Sun smiles.”
Alanya Castle, which has a wall of 6, 5 km in length and 250 m in height, is one of the most important buildings rising on the peninsula. Constructed in the 13th century during the Seljukian, the castle has 83 towers in addition to nearly 400 cisterns. Alanya castle still maintains its crucial position today as a major activity center and site of settlement.
Another important monument established by Seljuks in the 13th century is the Red Tower. The castle, located by the harbor, was made according to octagonal plan. The upper of the structure is covered with grizzles. The Red Tower was established to protect the harbor but has been turned into the Museum of Ethnography in the present day.
Alanya Dockyard, constructed near to the Red Tower, was the first shipyard of the Seljuks in the Mediterranean Sea and had been operational for a long period of time. Tophane, built to protect the shipyard, was also a foundry where cannonballs were cast for battleships.
Suleymaniye Mosque, Akshebe Mosque and Tomb, the Citadel Church, Alara Han and Castle are further must-see places of Alanya significant for their architectural and historical texture.
The hub of many ancient cities, Alanya also stands out for its variety of relics left behind by these communities. Indeed, various ancient civilizations such as Selinus, Leartes, Iotape, Hamaxia have flourished in this region and contributed to the development of the town.
The Archaeological Museum which exhibits the artifacts of the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman era is another site that sheds light on history and therefore worth the visit.
Alanya welcomes guests from around the world not only for its historical monuments but also for its natural beauty. The dazzling, bright blue sea stretching along the coast will leave a deep impression on you. Nearly the entire seaside is blessed white sandy beaches stretching along the turquoise sea enchanting the viewer with an unforgettable sight.
The world’s most beautiful beaches including the famous Cleopatra Beach, Incekum and Damlataş are awaiting you to crown your holiday.
Apart from that Sapadere canyon, near to Alanya where you can also do a variety of nature sports, is the first choice for sport fans who want to boost their adrenaline in cool waters.
Surrounded by the scent of orange blossoms, this magnificent southern resort is waiting for its guests!


Alanya organizes many sports events amidst a breathtaking nature and ample historical sights and welcomes participants from all over the world. The ETU European Triathlon Championship, for example, takes place with participants from various age groups and is organized in June every year.
Likewise, the European Beach Volleyball Tournament is held at the world famous Cleopatra Beach where nature and sports integrate. The International Handball Festival, Alanya Tennis Tournament, Turkey Regional Beach Soccer League are some of the major sports tournaments organized.
Music lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy the concerts of the Alanya Jazz Festival, while art lovers can visit the original exhibitions of the Alanya Wood Sculpture Symposium.
Determined to become the center of many activities the town and make your holiday worthwhile Alanya organizes numerous activities and hosts famous personalities throughout the season.

How can I get there?

One of the most popular coastal towns of the Mediterranean Region, Alanya is located on one of the most convenient transportation routes.
Visitors to Alanya can reach the area by taking one of the scheduled flights to Alanya Gazipasa Airport (GZP).  The shuttle services and public buses stationed outside of the airport will take you to the town in a short time.
Located on the junction of highways, Antalya province is reachable also via intercity buses leaving from any city in Turkey to Antalya. The shuttles leaving from the terminal will take you to Alanya in no time.
Alanya is waiting for you to welcome you to heaven on earth!

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