Bursa whose name comes from Purissias, the King of antique Bithynia is a large city center located at north east of Uludag. This city which is renowned with its hot water spas is at the same time a significant center of winter sports of Marmara Region.

At the times when this city had been the first capital of the Ottoman Empire it was a great commercial city; now Bursa constitutes one of the most significant centers of the Turkish economy. City walls of the city which was established over an ancient place of settlement are partially sound and sturdy today since they have been subjected to various restorations since the Byzantium Era. The Region which had been first under the sovereignty of Romans and then sovereignty of Byzantium for a long time was ruled by Seljuk Turks between 1107 and 1108, and passed to the Ottomans after its conquest in 1326 by Sultan Orhan Gazi and become the first capital of the Ottoman Empire for a long time. Within this period splendid and marvelous buildings and structures bearing traces of classic Ottoman architecture such as mosque, inn, bazaar, fountain, etc. were constructed; all of these beautiful buildings may also be seen and visited at present.

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