Balıkesir: Blessed with numerous islands where lush green forests stretch along the shores of the infinite sea, Balıkesir province is also the habitat of abundant olive groves.
Founded by the Mysians in ancient times, Balıkesir has been one of the major cities of many great civilizations. Influenced by diverse cultures the city is a rich cultural mosaic.
Among the coastal cities Balıkesir has the most islands which fascinate everyone with their unspoiled scenic beauty. Furthermore, the peaceful holiday resorts of the region are among the must-see places.
Located at the intersection of Marmara and Aegean regions and praised for its historical heritage, delicious cuisine and impressive nature this beautiful city is ready to welcome its guests any season of the year.


Located at a wonderful geographical area with a cultural background of thousands of years, Balikesir has many beauties to share with you.
Rich in ancient cities, Balıkesir is currently the site of a variety of excavation works going on at the antique cities of Cyzicus, Deasklaion, Saraylar and Antandrus. An episcopal center during the Christian period, the ancient city of Antandrus is of particular importance for its coins and inscriptions found on site.
Displaying the artifacts of the province and shedding light on different epochs, the Bandırma Archaeological Museum and the Kuva-yi  Milliye (National Forces) Museum are among the must-see attractions of the area.
Numerous cultures and beliefs coexist in the province well known for its variety of religious structures.  Zagnos Pasha, Yildirim, Alaca Mescit, Kasaplar and many other mosques in addition to Ayazma Church are among the prime examples of religious monuments.
Especially the districts of Balıkesir draw attention for their scenic beauty.  Serene and clear blue bays are waiting for you at the numerous holiday resorts along the Aegean coast of the province.
Ayvalik, is one of Turkey’s most beautiful vacation spots. Famous for its historical landmarks such as the historical houses and stone houses, and locations like Cunda Island, Patricia coves, Şeytan Sofrasi (Devil’s Banquet), Sarımsaklı Beach, and delicious fish restaurants, Ayvalik will take its place on your list of unforgettable holiday destinations.
Located in the district of Edremit and blessed with lovely beaches, lush green forests and canyons, the summer resorts of Akçay, Altınoluk and Güre offer visitors the opportunity to spend a relaxing holiday.
Bandırma is a quite charming district with little towns such as Hisarköy and Bigadiç. Burhaniye, Ören is another scenic holiday resort with lovely beaches and a nice wharf.
Counties such as Dursunbey, Gömeç, Erdek and Marmara Island are further unspoiled locations where the green meets the blue.
Located in the northern part of the Gulf of Edremit in Balıkesir province, Kaz Mountains (Mount Ida)is an amazing national park beset with lush green forests. The area is of great significance due to its abundant flora and fauna and is also mentioned in many legends.
Kuscenneti National Park is one of the areas where you can observe the natural habitat and witness the migration of the birds both in autumn and spring.
Blended with Aegean flavors the traditional cuisine of Balıkesir will delight your palate. Well-known for its olives and olive oil, the region has also made a name for its meat and dairy products. Kazdağı soup, fried zucchini flowers, cookies and sweets made of curd, clotted cream pancakes and höşmerim are among the specialties that will delight your taste buds.
Balıkesir fulfills the wishes of vacationers who want to spent a relaxing holiday and enjoy the silence of lush green and pristine bays.


Located in the Marmara region and representative of the Aegean values and culture, Balıkesir promotes these values at numerous festivals organized throughout the year.
Organized annually, the International Kuşcenneti Culture and Tourism Festival is a colorful event held to promote environmental awareness. The festival venue becomes the scene of a variety of activities such as theater performances, panel discussions, exhibitions, shows and running competitions.
Likewise, the Interational Burhaniye Olive and Olive Oil Festival, organized in the town famous for its olives, becomes the scene of various panels, shows and activities.
A variety of activities and events such as the Zeytinli Rock Festival, the Commodities Fair and Oil Wrestling Competitions, Oya Festival and Traditional Horse Racing Festival are waiting for you in Balıkesir province.

How can I get there?

Located at the midpoint of Istanbul and Izmir, Balıkesir is among the cities that are easily accessed.
There are reciprocal flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Balıkesir Airport and Koca Seyit Airport in the district of Edremit.  Yet, you may also prefer the highway as the flights to Balıkesir province do not occur on a regular basis.
There are intercity bus lines connecting the region to all major cities in Turkey. The taxis and public transport vehicles will take you to any district within the region.
You may also get to the region by taking one of the ferries from Istanbul to Bandirma in Balıkesir province.  The journey takes only two and a half hours.  The taxis or other transportation vehicles will take you to any destination within the province.
Balikesir is the perfect location for an enjoyable holiday!

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