Selçuk:  Center of many civilizations since ancient times, both sacred and historic region and the open air museum of Izmir.

Selçuk, with a history dating back to 6000 BC, abounds in valuable artifacts illustrative of the culture and architecture of the ancient city of Ephesus located in the region.  

Selçuk, which will greet you with the breeze of the Aegean and its green trees, is also an important center for Christianity.

Wouldn’t you like to witness the enchanting atmosphere of Selçuk where history meets scenic beauty?  


Selçuk being one of the most beautiful and valuable boroughs of Izmir, invites you to a journey in time from eight thousand years ago to today.
Ephesus is a major site that needs to be visited in Selçuk. Ephesus, which had been one of the most important towns of the antiquity, has preserved itself over thousands of years and today offers its ancient ruins and artifacts to travelers.
This ancient city which hosts many immeasurably valuable ancient structures carries unique richness.  Many ancient works like The Temple of Hadrian, the Library of Celsius, the ancient Theater, the Odeon, the Terrace houses, the marble path, the Gate of Augustus are waiting to be discovered by you.
The Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is near the ancient city of Ephesus and it is the first temple built from marble. This temple dedicated to goddess Artemis was an important religious center.
The House of Virgin Mary, where Virgin Mary is believed to have spent the last years of her life, appears behind green trees.  The house is located in the higher altitudes of Bülbül Mountain and it is believed that Virgin Mary lived there with St. Jean before she died and was buried on site.
Also known as Ashab-ı Keyf in Arabic, the cave of the Seven Sleepers is the cave which is believed to be the hiding place of seven Christian youths in Ephesus. In this cave today, you can find the burial places believed to belong to the Sleepers and a church.
The Church of St. Jean and Isabey Mosque are remains that can be visited, to observe the influence of different cultures in the region.
Selçuk is close to many boroughs of Izmir and there are also activities for those looking for some adrenaline rush. There are schools for sky diving in Selçuk and the area is sure to offer you pleasurable time in many different ways.
Selçuk, renowned as one of biggest open air museums of the world, offers you the opportunity to take a sojourn into nature and to get steeped in history and ancient civilizations.


Being the present day living area of the antiquity and being situated in the heart of nature Selçuk hosts visitors with many festival organizations.
The Festival of Ephesus takes place in September every year and hosts various international participants.  This festival which stages many events, concerts, shows and exhibitions is also waiting for you.
Selçuk is the ideal destination for all nature enthusiasts looking for a cultural vacation. Wouldn’t you like to visit the area?

How can I get there?

Since Selçuk has easy access with several transportation choices and offers various options of vacationing, it is a year round preferred Aegean resort.
The Adnan Menderes Airport of İzmir is the closest airport to Selçuk. Once you arrive in İzmir by flight there are options of local transportation, shuttles, taxis or private car. Then you can start your discovery of the area without losing time.
You can also arrive in İzmir by bus from different cities and take local transportation from İzmir
Are you ready to meet one of the most beautiful resorts of the Aegean?


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