Demre / Myra

District of Demre which is 60 km far from Antalya is called today as “Kale” (Castle), and at the same time hosts the famous church attributed to Saint Nicholas protector of children and sailors.
Saint Nicholas who was born in B.C. 300 in Xanthos lived in Patara and then Demre whose antique name is Myra and worked as bishop here. In fact Nicholas who was a son of a wealthy family has been well known in the history with his sermons, gifts and relief given to children. He had given aids to poor young people who married all over his life.
Saint Nicholas who had been martyred in B.C. 342 was raised to the rank of Saint since he was a very beloved religious man.
Tomb of Saint Nicholas was opened in 1087 by Italian sailors and his bones were carried to Barry.
Several pieces of bones left in his Tomb, an icon illustrating him have been exhibited today atj Antalya Archaeology Museum. The Saint Nicholas Church in Demre which was restored by Directorate of Antalya Museum has been visited great number of visitors specifically at periods of tourist.

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