Sumela Monastery Trabzon Turkey

Trabzon is a nice city of Turkey which has been located in coast of East Black Sea Region of Turkey. The city had been called as “Trabezos” in 750 B.C. It has been taken under control sequentially by Meds, Persians, Pontus Empire, Romans and Byzantines. In the power period of Byzantines, the city had been captured by Arabics several times with short periods. During Crusades, the city had been taken by Crusaders several times. During IV. Crusade and in between 1204 and 1261 years, Trabzon has been controlled by Trabzon Pontus Greek Empire. Afterwards, in 1261, the Ottoman Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmet had conquered the city. From that date the city has been called as Trabzon, its recent name. At the South side of the city; on Ziyaret Mountain, Sumela Monastery has been located in VI. Century. The Monastery has 72 rooms and on altitude of 2800 m. In 1930, by the commands of Atatürk, the iconas of this monastery have been presented to other Sumela Monastery in Macedonia.

Trabzon has been also known as the birth place of Kanuni Sultan Suleyman. Atatürk House and Museum, Ayasofia Church built in XIII. Century, Saint Ojen Church known with frescos, the Virgin Mary Church, little Siant Basileus Church, historical Yeni Cuma Mosque transformed from an old Byzantine church, Gtilbahar Hatun Mosque, Pazarkapi Mosque have been known as important places that are to be visited in the city and surroundings.

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