Located on the larger one of the two islands 4 kilometres far away from the southern coast of Van lake, Akdamar church was built by Armenian Vaspurakan King I. Gagik in 915. The chapel in the North eastern direction of the church was built in the early 14th century. It has got a plan in the form a clover with four leaves. It is covered with a pointed dome whose

Cylinder stones are high. It has an interesting appearance with the reliefs surrounding the hewn stones. On the southern wall with an entrance door there are some reliefs depicting a fish swallowing the prophet Yonah, the prophet Christ and the Virgin Mary, the war between the prophet David and Goliat, the Saints on the eastern wall, the Adam and Eve expelled from Heaven on the northern wall, the prophet Ibrahim sacrificing his son to God and on the western wall the King I. Gagik holding a model of the church in his hand, the prophet Christ and the Angel. Restoration activities have been going on in the said area.

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