IZMIR – CESME Hot Springs & Spas


IZMIR – CESME (Altitude: 5 m)

Cesme (“fountain”) is abundantly endowed with natural hot springs.

Located on the Aegean coast, 80 km west of Izmir, the holiday resort has excellent hotels with complete spas. Some use mineral waters from natural hot springs, while the facilities at the Altin Taunus Holiday Resort utilize mineralrich seawater.

The hot springs on the long sandy beach flow at a rate of 15 liters per second and can accommodate 500 people a day. The Altin Taunus Holiday Resort, situated in a cove along the seaside, has a Natural Sea Spa which can also accommodate 500 people per day.

Mud Bath, Sifne

Physio-chemical Characteristics and Indications
Cesme hot springs contain a high level of sodium chloride, magnesium sulphate, and calcium bicarbonate. The water temperature is 55 C with a pH of 6.5, and the mineral content is 2,720 mg/lt. The sea water used in the Altin Taunus spa has a similar composition. These waters are heated and used for treating rheumatic, dermatological and gynecological diseases. They are also recommended for neurological exhaustion and to help strengthen muscles after surgery. The Sifne-Ilica hot springs have 42 C water with a pH of 6.76.

Cesme has hot mineral pools and baths, and offers underwater massage, physical and electrotherapy. The Altin Taunus spas incorporate similar facilities along with physical exercise and geriatric units.

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