Salt Lake

Is located in the middle of Central Anatolia and is the second largest lake of  Turkey after VAN Lake.
And it is at the category of tectonic lakes. It joins with borders of Konya-Aksaray Ankara; Highway No. E-5 passes near North East and East coasts the Lake.
The lake which expands towards South becomes narrow to North and a gulf is created at Northern section. Its area is 12000 km2; elevation is 905 m.; 80 km. long, 48 km. wide. The Salt Lake is not fed with important rivers. Melendiz Brook which comes from Melendiz Mountains at south of the Lake and passes through Aksaray ends at marshes to south of the Lake, tnsuyu Brook which comes from plateau of Cihanbeyli/Konya arrives at South of the Lake.
Salt Lake however has been fed from bottom through salt water spring. The lake becomes completely dry by the end of summer due to evaporation in summer. A 30-35 cm. thick layer of salt remains after evaporation. Beneath this layer of salt a muddy soil forms.
It is possible to walk over the lake in summer.Great majority of salt needed by Turkey has been provided from the Salt Lake. The main reason for this is that there is a higher rate of salt as 329 gr. in one liter water. Salt produced by fields of salt has been shipped to various regions of Turkey.

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