Museums in Turkey

Turkey, which honors the many civilizations, has a value of museums and ruins. Do not forget that the Hittites, movement, Urartians in Anatolia and lived the principles and applications made under the Hellenistic civilization western Anatolia. Turkey is the country where the Byzantines, the legacy of this culture. Finally, Turkey, the rule about the millennium in Europe, Asia and parts of Africa, the art of Ottoman Seljuk monuments added. They are all civilizations that the world knows and respects it is in education. Turkey is a large country with its rich nature and folklore. Ishak Pasha Palace Ağrı, Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations Museum of Antalya, Aphrodisias Museum Hagia Sophia Museum, Museum Bodrum Museum of Archaeology Burdur, Kapadokya, Göreme Open Air Museum, Denizli Hierapolis Archeology Museum Dolmabahçe Palace Museum, Efes Museum Ertuğrul Gazi Museum Gaziantep, Konya Mevlana Museum, Museum of Mardin, Mersin Museum Perge Theater, Museum Side Museum, Saint-Nicolas, Sumela Monastery, St. Irene Church, Topkapi Palace, Urfa Balikli lake is one of the most important of these museums and ruins.

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