İznik: One of Anatolia’s oldest residential areas, an antique city that enchants everyone with its historical monuments, nature and handicrafts.

Iznik, with a history going back to 2000 BC, was known as the “Golden City.” An important trade, culture and art center particularly during the Ottoman era, this region was also the hometown of notable thinkers.

The region has a temperate climate with rainy winters and hot summers. Attracting attention for its bio products, Iznik is also internationally renowned for its Iznik pottery and tiles.

Iznik is waiting for you if you want to explore the city with the most beautiful sunsets and witness the most beautiful harmony of art and history!


One of the major cities during the time of various civilizations, Iznik stands out especially for its monuments of the Ottoman period and its precious handicrafts that are still practiced today.
Iznik can be considered an open air museum that encompasses a variety of artifacts and monuments worth to be seen.  Berber Kaya (Barber’s Rock), Beştaş, Dörttepeler and Hypoge Mound are among the well-known sites illustrating the ancient history of the region.
You can visit the Senatus ,ie Byzantine palace with walls; the Theatre and Baptistery ; and explore the mystical structure of the churches of Koimesis, Hagia Sophia, Hagios Tryphonos, Ayatrifon and the Haci Ozbek, Green Mahmut Çelebi, Orhan Bey mosques.
You will enjoy sightseeing the ruins of Rüstem Pasha Han, and the original architecture of Ismail Bey and Haci Hamza Bath and follow the traces of history without even noticing the passing of time.
The Iznik Museum, showcasing the findings obtained from archaeological excavations, antique tiles and monuments belonging to the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, is another tourist attraction worth the visit.
The hometown of Iznik chinaware, Iznik is a rapidly developing and worldwide renowned town that still keeps the art of making pottery alive.  Decorating a number of historical structures including palaces and mosques such as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Iznik chinaware is also popular among tourists who want to take gifts to loved ones.
Iznik is also famous for its local cuisine including a variety of flavors you should taste. Encompassing basically of a variety of sea food dishes the local cuisine offers numerous dishes such as carp fish soup, crawfish salad, lobster stew and catfish dish.
The perfect location for lovers of art, history and foreign cuisines, Iznik is ever ready to welcome visitors.


One of the most precious towns of Bursa, Iznik welcomes visitors with a variety of activities.
Held in August every year, the International Iznik Festival offers a rich program packed with activities for the whole week. The scene of many performances and concerts, the festival welcomes also guest artists from all over the world.
The Kançiçeği (Flowers) Festival and Iznik Fair are among the other popular events that will spice up your holiday and give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture.

How can I go there?

Located in Bursa province in the Marmara Region, Iznik is an inviting holiday destination with various transportation means.
Bursa is served by Bursa Yenisehir Airport which hosts connecting flights from Ankara Esenboğa Airport. The taxis or public transport vehicles waiting outside of the terminal gates will be in your service.
Bursa is in close proximity to Istanbul and within easy reach by road. Having arrived in Bursa, you can continue your journey to Iznik by taking one of the public transport vehicles or taxis stationed by the central bus terminal.
Alternatively you can get to Bursa by getting on one of the sea buses leaving Kabataş harbor in Istanbul. The journey takes about one and a half hour.
How about visiting Iznik, the hometown of Iznik pottery, a unique handicraft!

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