Ihlara valley

Ihlara is reached by taking the left turn at the 58th km of Nevsehir-Ankara road and then driving on for another 40 km.
It is possible to take a short-cut from Derinkuyu. This 40 km road directly takes you to Ihlara. The valley of Ihlara attracts thousands of visitors today with its 150 m deep gorge carved out by the Melendiz river over centuries. There are hundreds of churches and many natural sights along the valley.
A mummy of a virgin girl was found in this valley in 1969, now at display at the Museum of Nigde. The Ihlara river runs in the direction of Belisirma, Yaprakhisar and Selime. The most beautiful of the churches along this valley are:
1 – Yılanlı (Snake) Church
2- Agagalti Church (Beneath the Tree)
3- Sumbullu (Hyacinth) Church
4- Kirk Dam Alti Church (of the Forty Roofs)
5- Bahattin Samanhgi Church (of Bahattin’s Straw Loft)
The church is in the form of a long cross and to the western section is a cleaned up tomb. On the wall on the same side are paintings of Weighing of the Souls – representing Archangel Michael weighing sins and good deeds. Just to the right of this is the representation of sinful people assaulted by snakes. On the dome is the depiction of Jesus and angels and on the southeastern side is the Dormition of Mother Mary. Along with these are the Last Supper and the portraits of Mother Mary and some saints.
This cruciform church is dated to a period earlier than the others. However, the paintings are in good state, directly in front of the entrance is St Daniel with two lions at his side and on the ceiling is a dragon.
This church is also cruciform and its paintings are dated back to the 14th century.
Some of the incidents mentioned in the Bible are depicted in this church. The murder of Zaccharias is also depicted here.

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