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Turkey Outlets and cheap shopping addresses in Turkey Shopping is an indispensable part of our daily life. Outlet shops have become the addresses for cheaper shopping. Many brands manufacture cheaper products especially for their outlets. List of some outlet center Click More »


Balıkesir: Blessed with numerous islands where lush green forests stretch along the shores of the infinite sea, Balıkesir province is also the habitat of abundant olive groves. Founded by the Mysians in ancient times, Balıkesir has been one of the Click More »


Amasya:  The city where the Sultans’ sons were educated and the legendary city where Ferhad had to mine the mountains to reunite with his beloved Shirin, Amasya has been one of the major cities of many civilizations since the ancient Click More »


Mersin Mersin: One of the warmest and most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean region that can be visited for its authentic flavors and beautiful beaches any time of the year. Mersin is one of the most developed cities of the Click More »


Burdur Burdur: Located in the western part of the Mediterranean Region, Burdur is a major city where scenic beauties meet with historical archaeology Settled for the first time in 7000 BC, Burdur has been home to many civilizations and ancient Click More »


Yalova: Surrounded by the Marmara Sea, Yalova is a peaceful and relaxing city rich in thermal springs and abundant nature. It is estimated that Yalova was founded in the 7th century BC by Bithynians from Thrace. Yalova is rich in Click More »


Karabük Karabük is situated on an important trade route between Amasra on the coast and central Anatolia. Karabük is a town and the capital district of Karabük Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Karabük was built in the 1930s as the seat of the iron and steel Click More »

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The unequaled works of art and remains belonging to the many civilizations and societies that left their mark in Turkey are preserved across the centuries to welcome today’s visitors. Shedding light into history, far and recent, this legacy is well-preserved Click More »

Winter Sports

Turkey, which attracts the attention with different scenic beauties every season, offers the most beautiful ski slopes in winter. The Skiing centers of Anatolia welcome many winter sports enthusiasts and offer slopes that are suitable for a variety of winter Click More »

Water Sports

The crossroads of Europe and Asia surrounded by the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and Aegean and Marmara seas, Turkey is the heart of water sports. Turkey is a peninsula awaiting its visitors to explore the seas of magnificently unique regions. Click More »

Outdoor Sports

For the active tourist Turkey has many mountains that offer winter sport activities . The mountains offer wonderful winter sports like skiing, mountain climbing and hiking. Enjoy the winter sports by checking out some of the to climbing sites such Click More »

Alternative Tourism

Alternative tourism options appeal to a wide range of holiday makers who are looking for options other than the classic holiday! Turkey offers a variety of alternatives and services ranging from eco-tourism as a means to commune with nature to Click More »

Antique Cities

Home to the world’s earliest settlements and numerous civilizations ranging from the tiniest of communities to the greatest of empires, Anatolia invites you to discover its ancient cities. Aphrodisias With a history dating back to 5000 BC, the ancient city Click More »


Ephesus Ephesus; one of the most important regions of Izmir and Turkey and the most famous Greek city of the ancient times with a heritage dating back to 6 thousand BC The ancient city of Ephesus located close to Seljuk, Click More »


Alanya Alanya; one of nature’s most generous regions located by in front of the Toros mountains by the Mediterranean Sea and the hub of many civilizations throughout the centuries Located on a peninsula reaching into the in the Mediterranean Sea, Click More »


Uzungöl Uzungöl: Located within the province of Trabzon, one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Black Sea Region, Uzungöl, with its lush green nature and calm water, peacefully lies within a valley.   Uzungöl is the lake that also Click More »

Historical Peninsula

Historical Peninsula Historical Peninsula: A historical region which has flourished over the centuries since its earliest settlement, the Historical Peninsula hosts invaluable monuments of bygone civilizations. Also called Suriçi (Walled City) the area was founded in 685 BC and named Click More »


Selçuk Selçuk:  Center of many civilizations since ancient times, both sacred and historic region and the open air museum of Izmir. Selçuk, with a history dating back to 6000 BC, abounds in valuable artifacts illustrative of the culture and architecture Click More »


Safranbolu Safranbolu:  A dreamy town of historical significance, Safranbolu is located in the Black Sea Region and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, Safranbolu, with a history dating back to ancient times, has been one Click More »





Foça: One of the most beautiful spots of the Aegean region, Foça is a lovely vacation paradise that enchants everyone with its scenic beauty and clear sea.

One of the cities of the Ionian League of the ancient times, Foça was formerly known as Phocaea named after the seals inhabiting the area.    

north of Izmir province, this charming resort is divided into two districts namely, Eski Foça (Old Foça) and Yeni Foça (New Foca). A typical seaside resort, Foça will capture you with its natural wonders.

Mentioned in many legends Foca has maintained its significance up to the present. Indeed, the area offers a dreamlike view with its long coastline adorned with numerous bays.

Ready to cater its guests any season of the year, the town has made a name not only for its natural wonders but also for its historical heritage.




There are many places to explore and sightsee in Foça which is one of the most natural and protected districts of Izmir province.
Foça welcomes its visitors with a variety of tourist attractions ranging from historic structures to small islands, breathtaking coasts and delicious flavors.
The coastal areas of Foça are among the three shores around the globe which harbor the Mediterranean monk seals. Approaching the habitat of the monk seals has been restricted as a means to ensure the protection of the species.
The site of various settlements since the ancient times, Foca is surrounded with numerous structures and artifacts belonging to different periods. The Siren Rocks which appear in many legends and harbor the monk seals and the Stone House in addition to the Temple of Athena, Persian Tomb Monument, Open- Air Temple of Cybele and Seytan Hamamı (Devil’s Bath) and bear the traces of a centuries-long history.
Used as open air theater nowadays, the Beşkapılar Castle and Dış Castle were functional as strongholds in the ancient times. The Fatih, Kayalar, Hafiz Süleyman Ağa mosques are further historical sites worth sightseeing.
Eski Foça is well known for keeping the spirit of the past alive and conserving its authentic and historical houses. Surrounded with stone houses, small venues and a shopping district, Eski Foça is among the places you should definitely visit.
You can enjoy the sandy beaches, the sun and the clear blue sea of the coves and islands located on the coastal road from Eski Foça to Yeni Foça.
As a coastal town where fishery is the primary occupation, Foça offers the most delicate dishes of the Aegean cuisine. Foça, with its delicious cuisine and many attractions to see is waiting for you to visit!




One of the conserved areas of the Aegean region, Foca is frequented by visitors not only for its scenic beauty but also for its festivals.
Organized in September every year, the program of the International Foca Culture, Art and Fishing Festival includes a variety of entertaining concerts, performances and activities.
Do not leave the area before visiting the local Sunday market where only fresh and entirely organic agricultural products are sold by local growers in support of the international slow food movement.
The Traditional Tarhana Festival, showcasing the organic agro products of the region is held at Yeryüzü Pazarı (Earth market square) in August every year and becomes the site of unforgettable memories and festivities.
Wouldn’t you like to explore Foça where you can collect unforgettable memories?

How can I get there?

Located north of Izmir province, Foca offers quite convenient and enjoyable transportation alternatives.
The most convenient route is to take a flight to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. The shuttles or public transit vehicles stationed outside of the terminal gates will take you to Foça in a short time.  Alternatively, you can reach the region by private car. The journey to Foça is enjoyable as it offers many scenic views.
Another alternative would be to get to the region by taking one of the intercity buses leaving from any city in Turkey to Izmir province.  You can continue your journey by taking one of the shuttle services leaving to Foça from the Izmir bus terminal.
Foca is the ideal address for tourists who wish to vacation in the heart of nature!