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Dikilitas Obelisks 225x300 Dikilitas /Obelisks

Dikilitas -Obelisks

Dikilitas Obelisks 1 227x300 Dikilitas /Obelisks

Dikilitas -Obelisks

dikilitas 225x300 Dikilitas /Obelisks

Dikilitas -Obelisks

dikilitas obelisk 225x300 Dikilitas /Obelisks

Dikilitas -Obelisks

dikilitas obelisk 2 300x291 Dikilitas /Obelisks

Dikilitas -Obelisks

At the place of Byzantine Hippoddrome, namely in front of mavi Mosque on Sultanahmet Square of today. There is also an Egyptian obelisk have been raised up. This obelisk has been constructed by Egyptian famous Pharoah III. Tutmosis for a Temple in 15. Century B.C. All four sides of these obelisk have been embellished with hieroglyph writings. It is composed of a unique piece of rock and it has been found in the period of Theodosios the Byzantine Emperor in 390 A.C. and it has been brought to Istanbul and installed at its recent place. At the other tip of the same square, there is a second structure like an obelisk. This is 32 m height and constructed by accumulation of stones on each other and built by architect Siregenius in the period of the Byzantines. There is a third bronze monument between these two obelisks. The third one has been called as Yilanli Sutun (Snakes Column) because of the figure of three snakes wrapping themselves. This has been dated to 5. Century B.C. At the North side of the square, on the main street downward to Sirkeci, there is a dome structure called Alman Cesmesi (German Fountain). This structure has been constructed in Germany by the commands of Emperor II. Wilhelm and it has transported to Istanbul part by part. Then it has been again installed to Istanbul as a friendship present to Sultan Abdulhamit and to Istanbul people.

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