Avanos Cappadocia

The town of Avanos is located 15 km from Nevşehir. It is not known when the town was first founded. A Seljuk tribe, under the command of Evronos Bey, settled to the south of Ziyaret Mountain migrating from the east to the west. The town was within the territory of this tribe and was named Evronos, later changed to Avanos.

In antiquity the town was called Vanessa, which means ‘the city on the river’ in Latin. The first people living in Avanos made ceramic objects, pitchers, plates, large jars and other household utensils.

Today the locals still carry out this ancient tradition and the town is famous for terra-cotta products. In addition, carpet weaving and other similar activities make this centre of tourism quite interesting.

Places like Sanhan, Zelve, Çavuşin, Avcılar, Goreme and Ozkonak are quite close to Avanos and very much liked by travelers.

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