ANKARA (Altitude: 890 m)

Ankara, the capital of the country, is not merely a city given over to administrative affairs, but is also an important cultural and artistic center.

The city is perfect for shoppers and museums, too. Crisscrossed by numerous civilizations, the thermal centers have been known and used for centuries. The climate in Ankara is snowy and cold in the winter, hot and dry in the summer. The waters you will want to try are in Kizilcahamam, Ayas and Haymana.

The waters at Kizilcahamam flow at a rate of 2.8 liters per second, resulting in a capacity of 3,500 persons per day (altitude: 975 m). At Ayas the waters flow at 15 liters per second and those at Haymana at 4.8 liters per second.

Physio-Chemical Characteristics and Indications
The temperature of the waters at Kizilcahamam is 50-51 C, at Haymana, 44.5 C and at 
Ayas, 31 C. In the waters at Kizilcahamam there is bicarbonate, chloride, sodium and carbon dioxide; at Ayas, bicarbonate, sodium and calcium and at Haymana, calcium, magnesium, sodium and bicarbonate. The waters are beneficial to those suffering from rheumatism, neuralgia, infantile paralysis, gynecological problems, circulation difficulties, hypertension, or respiratory troubles. Drinkable water in these cities is good for kidney and gall bladder stones.

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