AFYON – OMER (Altitude: 1050m)

Orucoglu – Omer Thermal Resort The Orucoglu Thermal Resort is 14 km northwest of Afyon on the Afyon-Kutahya Highway.

The Orucoglu Thermal Resort, next to the Omer Kaplicasi, has hot springs that flow at a rate of 90 liters per second. These facilities can accommodate 12,960 bathers daily.

Orucoglu Thermal Resort

Physio-Chemical Characteristics and Indications
The springs have a pH of 6.4 at temperatures between 42 and 53C and contain sodium chloride, bicarbonate, iron, and carbon dioxide. They are especially beneficial for rheumatism, dermatological problems, stomach and intestinal disorders, gynecologic, urologic, neurological, and metabolic problems.

Treatment and Accommodations
At this resort there is a hydrotherapy unit, physical therapy and rehabilitation, saunas, private baths, and indoor and outdoor thermal pools. In the Akronium, there are indoor and outdoor pools and water sports. The hotel has specialist doctors, therapists and health personnel at your service.

Orucoglu Thermal Resort, Afyon

Located 22 km from Afyon in Ihsaniye Village on the Afyon-Eskisehir highway. There are a total of 1500 beds in the hotels and guest houses.
Tel: (272) 273 6131, 273 60 05

The Hudai Hot Springs are 66 km from the city of Afyon, 8 km from Sandikli and 6 km off the Afyon-Antalya highway. The average temperature of the water from the exploratory wells is 70 C. The pH is 6.3-6.9, and total mineralization 1,952-2,458 mg/It. The waters contain sodium, calcium sulphate, bicarbonate, 4mg/lt flouride, 332 mg/lt carbon dioxide, and radioactivity. The waters are beneficial for rheumatism, aches and pains, heart and circulation problems, painful joints, tired nerves and muscles, nervous system disorders, and gynecological diseases. There are 2100 beds in the various facilities there.

Located 18 km from Afyon on the Afyon- Kutahya highway, there are 60 rooms.
Located 30 km from Afyon on the AfyonKonya highway in Bolvadin County. There are 600 beds total.
Tel: (272) 612 61 10, 612 52 34 Fax: (272) 248 35 14

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