Abant: is situated by the calm waters of a national park surrounded with lush green forests and a nice view.

Located in Bolu, famous for its cuisine and nationwide renowned chefs, Abant encircles the lake with the same name and offers numerous natural beauties to all those who want to take time out in nature.

The entire terrain of Abant is a natural wonder that reveals different scenic views in every season. Visitors in the region can embark on exploration tours or engage in a variety of outdoor sports. 

Abant is an ideal getaway for visitors who want to take shelter in nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life!


Abant is ready to welcome visitors in any season; whether in winter or fall when the beautiful landscape is covered with leaves or snow or in summer or spring when the nature has blossomed revealing all colors under the bright sun.
A natural wonder situated at an altitude of 1325 meters on the slopes of Abant Mountain, the lake is surrounded with a series of accommodation facilities at the service of guests all the year round.
Indeed, Abant is a natural park covered with lush forests including countless plant and tree species such as European black pine, scots pine, oak, beech and willow trees.  The vegetation of the area includes also a variety of fruit trees giving various fruits in different seasons and innumerable species of flowers complementing the natural park with their numerous colors and scents.
Abant is also the habitat of a variety of animal species such as the “Abant Alabalığı,” a subspecies of brown trout fish that can be fished only during a specific hunting season.
Ormeci and Sinekli plateaus in the vicinity of Abant are also worth the visit in addition to must-see places such as Güzeldere Falls and Samandere Waterfall which has been declared “natural monument.”
The site of the most beautiful natural sceneries, Abant is also a suitable location for a variety of outdoor activities. The lakeshore lends itself for activities such as walking, cycling, picnicking and fishing.
You should also try some of the local delicacies offered at the restaurants and facilities in Abant which is within the borders of Bolu, a province famous for its cuisine.
Abant is an ideal holiday destination if you want to get away from the crowd of the city and explore other cultures and different colors of nature.

How can I go there?

Located in Bolu, one of the major cities of the Western Black Sea, Abant, with its convenient transportation options, is a good starting point for a pleasant holiday.
The location is one of the most preferred getaways due to its proximity to Istanbul and Ankara and can be reached via private car or intercity bus leaving from any city to Bolu. Once you have arrived in Bolu city center, the public transport facilities and taxis will be at your service and take you to Abant.
Abant is also within easy reach via private car particularly if you come from Istanbul and Ankara. Once you have arrived in Abant you will be enchanted by the beautiful natural sites waiting to be explored.

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